DLiP: Database of Chemical Library for Protein-Protein Interaction

DLiP is a database for investigating small and medium-sized compounds that inhibit PPIs. It contains compound library data for PPI targets and known PPI inhibitor data collected from public databases. Therefore, it is useful for finding candidates in various drug discovery researches targeting PPIs.

PPI Library Search

Users can search for over 15,000 newly-synthesized compounds designed to inhibit PPIs. There are several functions such as search by keywords, structural similarity, and chemical drawing to find compounds. The PPI library compounds were subject to descriptor calculation by several tools such as RDKit, CDK, and Mordred which are widely used in chemoinformatics research. Users can find compound information of interest for each compound such as molecular properties, chemical structures as well as PPI interfaces and targets.

  1. PPI Library Compound Search
  2. Advanced PPI Search

PPI Curation Search

Users can search for over 10,000 known PPI related compounds collected from public databases. These compound data are linked to PPI targets and PPI activity (active and inactive). There are several functions to search by keywords, chemical drawings, and lists of known PPI targets.

  1. Curation Data Compound Search
  2. Curation Data Target Search
  3. Curation Data Rule-based Search


# of Compounds # of Activity Datapoints
PPI Compound Library 15,214 552
Curation Data (Known PPI Inhibitors) 25,817 25,817


This database is developed by

  • Keio University
  • Riken
  • PeptiDream Inc

This research is supported by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, AMED.


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